Here at Flip For Function we offer occupational therapy and recreational gymnastics instruction.


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1:1 sessions

Flip for Function provides direct 1:1 occupational therapy services from Certified Licensed Occupational Therapists. Upon intake, therapists will administer an evaluation to determine a functional baseline, strengths, activities that bring your child joy and increase engagement, identify areas of concern, and determine appropriate, developmental goals.

Our occupational therapy services are provided in gymnastic clubs, in a natural environment, allowing for community engagement and exposure. We recognize that some children with exceptionalities have rare opportunities to participated in activities amongst other peers. In this environment, children will have opportunities to interact with other children and adults, and practice social skills such as turn taking and waiting in line. The gymnastics environment provides innate sensory experiences as well as natural motor planning opportunities in the form of various obstacle courses and use of novel equipment.




Flip for Function offers 1:1 gymnastics classes for children with different needs to facilitate movement and participation in the sport. These sessions will be led by Occupational Therapists or trained coaches with experience working with children with different needs. These sessions will provide your child with various sensory opportunities, helping to regulate attention, awareness and behavior.


Flip for Function is currently working on developing a holiday and summer camp schedule.

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