So much FUN, they don’t know it’s therapy.

So much FUN, they don’t know it’s therapy.

1:1 sessions

Flip for Function provides direct 1:1 occupational therapy services from Certified Licensed Occupational Therapists. We use evidence based therapy in gymnastics clubs, allowing for all the benefits of athletic participation while addressing functional goals. When children are naturally playing and having fun, they become more receptive to the activity, and in this case, therapy.

Therapy can be beneficial in addressing sensory processing, self regulation, strength, coordination, body awareness, gross and fine motor skills, focus and attention, and more. We have expertise working with children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD and Down syndrome. Ready to join the fun?

Wondering what occupational therapy is and if it’s right for your child?




Flip for Function offers 1:1 gymnastics classes for children with different needs to facilitate movement and participation in the sport. These sessions will be led by Occupational Therapists or trained coaches with experience working with children with different needs. These sessions will provide your child with various sensory opportunities, helping to regulate attention, awareness and behavior.