We’re in the community instead of clinics

Instead of a clinical environment, your child participates in therapy or recreational gymnastics in gymnastic centers. Wherever they turn, they recognize they are in a community space full of children and adults and FUN, EXCITING equipment. Most of the time, they are having so much fun, they don’t realize it’s therapy. We also like the two birds, one stone approach - addressing therapeutic needs while also participating in a sport.


We offer Recreational, athletic opportunities

Children with different needs often have limited options when it comes to recreational activities, which can lead to social isolation, obesity and mental and emotional challenges. Whether participating in our therapy or gymnastics program, they will receive gymnastics instruction and participate on gymnastics equipment, such as uneven and parallel bars, balance beams, and pommel horses.

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We offer “homework” and individualized goals

Whether in our therapy or recreation program, you child will receive activities to do at home as well as their own goals. Goals for therapy and recreational programs look a little different. Therapy goals are geared towards functional independence in developmental areas and recreational goals have more focus on gymnastics skill attainment as well as behaviors expected in a class environment.